Time Oct 29 (Tue) Oct 30 (Wed) Oct 31 (Thu) Nov 1 (Fri)
08:00   Registration
09:00 Tutorial (K)
Chair: Prof. Seong Yun Cho
Receivers & Advanced Technologies GNSS Status Updates and Augmentation (SBAS/GBAS/…) PPP, RTK and e- GNSS-1 (K)Indoor/ Urban/Per sonal Navigation Multi-sensors & Navigation Applications-1 Algorithm & Simulation Testing-1 (K)Multi-constellation GNSS & Augemtation (K)Receivers & Antenna Technologies
10:00 Indoor/Urban/ Person al Navigation-1 PNT & Related Technologies PPP, RTK and e-GNSS-2 (K)Multi-sensors & Integrated Navigation Multi-sensors & Navigation Applications-2 Algorithm & Simulation Testing-2 (K)Precise & Scientific Applications (K)Jamming and Interference
12:00 Luncheon
13:00 Opening Ceremony 13:00-13:20 Chair: Dr. Moon Beom Heo Poster session (13:30 ~ 17:30)   (K)Special Session on "Start-Up" (K)Simulation & Testing
14:00 Plenary Talks [E] 13:20-15:40 Chair: Dr. Sanguk Lee Indoor/Urban/ Person al Navigation-2 Aviation, Marine, Land and Space Applications Geodesy/ Surveying/ Mapping & GNSS Remote Sensing (K)Autonomous Navigation (Vehicles, Ships, UAVs, Robots)
16:00 Government Forum (K) 16:00-17:40 Chair: Prof. Kwan-Dong Park Autonomous Navigation (Ships, UAVs,…) * IPC Meeting Timing and Scientific Applications (K)Aviation, Marine, Land and Space Applications
18:00 Registration Banquet * IPNT Meeting
19:00 Welcome reception
for Invited guests
Chair: Prof. Hyung Keun Lee